Karaage Bar HighKara

"Karaage Bar HighKara" is a restaurant where you can enjoy highball and Karaage. Karaage is a favorite of both adults and children because it can be a side dish, bar snack or snack between meals. We aim to be a restaurant where customers look forward to coming back to after relaxing in our retro atmosphere.

The Restaurant Loved by Locals

Shinkoiwa has many izakaya, and every one is crowded with local people. We have many regular customers and you can use our restaurant for a drinking party with friends or you can freely drop by on your own. There are customers who come many times, not only local people but overseas visitors who come to Japan regularly.

What is Karaage?

Karaage is a chicken dish that is sprinkled with wheat flour and potato starch and then deep-fried. In Japan, it can be eaten as a home-cooked meal or eaten when dining out. It is a national dish that can be eaten as a side dish with rice, an appetiser with alcohol or a small snack. Most of the time, the meat and butter are seasoned, but sometimes it is eaten with sauce. There is also karaage of deep-fried fish and vegetables, but most of the time, karaage refers to the chicken dish.

What is Highball?

Highball is a drink made from whiskey with soda. You can order this in most izakaya and restaurants, as it is a common drink in Japan. A popular and refreshing way to drink is to fill the glass with plenty of ice to make the maximum coldness and adding lemon makes it even more refreshing. Coke Highball, with cola instead of soda, is also a popular way to drink. This has more sweetness than a regular highball, so even those who are not keen on drinking alcohol will be able to enjoy it.

Karaage BarHighKara

Opening Hours
Weekdays 17:00 - 02:00
Friday, Saturday and the day before a national holiday, 17:00 - 03:00
Sundays and holidays 17:00 - 00:00
Last Entry
1 hour before closing time
Last Call
Food: 1 hour before closing time
Drink: 30 minutes before closing time
Regular Holiday
Monday We may be closed for consecutive days over New Year and during Obon. Up-to-date opening hours are here: (https://g.page/haikara?share)
Average budget
about 3,000 - 4,000 yen
We are sorry but we currently don't offer Wi-Fi.
Information About Cover Charge and Service Fee etc.
There is a cover charge of 280 yen + tax per person.
We ask all customers who come to the restaurant to order more than one food item and one drink.
Bringing Food and Drinks into the Restaurant
No outside food or drinks allowed except baby food.
Take away
Available. Please see the menu.
1F: Non-smoking / 2F: Smoking
Children Entering the Restaurant
Welcome to bring children. There is also a children's menu.
Hot water for milk is available.
Children cannot eat in the stroller, but we can store the stroller for you.
Unfortunately, we do not have any chairs for children.
Wheelchair Access
We are very sorry but we cannot accommodate wheelchairs due to lack of space and a wide enough path.
Entering with Pets
Except for assistance dogs, pets are not allowed.
Language Support
In response, we may use an automatic translator.
Halal, Vegan and Gruten-Free
We are sorry, we currently can't handle Halal, Vegan and Gruten-Free.
Ordering and Payment Methods
Please order and pay at the table. Please pay when you leave the restaurant.
Payment Methods
Cash / Credit Card(VISA、Master)/ QR Code (ALIPAY)
Setting and Clearing the Table
Please let our staff take care of everything.
Please feel free to tell the staff if there are any dishes that you want cleared away.
Tips are not accepted but we appreciate your kindness.
Tap Water
It is provided free of charge. Please refrain from refilling your own water bottle.
Dress Code